shuf desires poetry which challenges the very definition of poetry, through experimentation, mixed media, genre bending, video, animation, sound, visual text, and music.

shuf wants to take advantage of digital media by providing a home for work that cannot be solely expressed through print, work from emerging and diverse audiences, work that might be lost through the lack of a media, work created with love and attention and poetic care, work deserving of being shared with the world.

Look through our archive for the kinds of poetry we like.

We reserve rights for first publication online, after that all rights revert to individual authors.


Please submit here for Issue #8 and entry for our annual shufPoetry contest.  Winner will receive $100 and be featured on our website.

Please submit up to three pieces only.

Please read the guidelines carefully, even if you have submitted before. 

We will only take written poems in one format: jpeg.  Yes, no pdfs, and no word attachments.  Please be aware of how you work will look online.  If you have a series of visuals, you may want to animate them or arrange them in such a way that they work together.  For written work think about the visual aspect of the lines and spacing.  Always treat your poem as an image, not as text.  We are also asking that you send us files that have a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.  We are unable to manually enlarge your art/poetry for best viewing.

For other types of work (such as animation or video) please use the most common format possible (mp3 or gif).  You may also send us a link to a hosting site, such as SoundCloud.  Remember, video files or links should refer to original work only.  If you feel inspired by an artist or image you may write about it in the comments section, but please don't include it in the submission.  Again think about the composition of the work, and how it presents itself online.

Tell us a little bit about what you sent in.  This could be your process, or your grand poetic goal or something you feel the reader of your poem should know.   

Please submit three works only.

We do accept simultaneous submissions as long as you promise (pinky swear!) to notify us if the work is accepted elsewhere.   

All poems should be previously unpublished.  We reserve rights for first publication online, thereafter all rights revert to individual authors.  We are not a paying marker, either, but we promise to make you look cool.

And of course, loyal readers if we have already published you, please wait two submission cycles before sending us more work.


We love good poetry, but we love love love experimentation, more.  Those good poems must push the envelope in some kind of way--be it through an unusual style, medium, use of language or presentation--or we are not likely to publish the work.